Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Letter from Lucy - sono 2

Dear Mom,

How are you? Sarah says that dad is on his way home now? I'm excited to see him. It'll be good to have him back here where I can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble.

But you know, I'm kinda worried about Sarah. When she left this morning she took her stuff with her and said she was going home. Is she going to be alright all on her own without a dog to look after her and protect her home from the evil doorbell-wringers?

I've been thinking about it, and I think I kinda over-reacted the other day when I got angry at her for sending me to the groomers. Don't tell her, but just between you and me, it does seem a little more comfortable going for walks now, and I can even keep up with Sarah's long strides most of the time! Now that I've gotten used to it it is good fun to get a bit of a run - and I like coming back to the house for a big drink and a short nap afterwards.

Besides, it has been fun having her sleepover. The first night she was here she tried sleeping upstairs but she says it was too hot. I don't blame her! I like my nice cool basement! She figured out pretty soon that my room was the best one in the house, and has been sleeping on the couch near me. She says it is really comfortable. The thing I like though, is that she's right there, so if she tries to sleep-in then I can give her a friendly reminder or two that it is time for breakfast and my morning walk.

She still won't give me a midnight or mid-day snack... but I'm going to keep on working on that one, I'm sure eventually she'll come around!

The other night she had a friend over for dinner. She spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing, and her friend said the food was really good, but I'm not so sure. They started with fresh corn, slathered in butter and salt. It looked really messy so I thought I might get to try some, but unfortunately they didn't drop any for me. Then they had cucumber salad and something they called "pizza," but I'm not so sure about the last one - isn't the stuff you usually have red?? This one was GREEN! Weird! Anyways. Then Sarah made a big deal about a chocolate cake she had baked. (I'll let you in on a secret - it was the second one she made! The first one she not only mis-read the super easy instructions, but also wasn't used to the oven and so way over-cooked the mini-loaves she was trying to make). The second one though, looked pretty good. It had three layers and some really yummy looking double chocolate icing and green tea flavoured icing too. But again, Sarah wouldn't let me try any. Sigh. I wasn't so sure about her friend at first, I had to bark at him a lot. He did a good job trying to win me over - gave me lots of treats and petted me, but I didn't let my guard down though, and would bark at him occasionally just to keep him on his toes... speaking of which, he had very nice hairy feet for me to curl up on for a nap - what more can a girl ask for?

Maybe I don't have to worry about Sarah, though, because she was telling her friend about her date on Sunday. So who knows, maybe she'll have somebody to protect her from evil doorbell-wringers after all. Although I bet that whoever this guy is he's not nearly as cute or as good at barking at random noises as I am!!

Anyways, mom, I'm looking forward to seeing dad soon, and then you'll be home not too long after, right? But maybe Sarah can come over to play sometime even after you guys have come home?


PS - Since I know you worry about your kitchen and the rest of the house, I thought I should tell you that from what I can tell Sarah's been fine in that area too. Unfortunately she hasn't let me go upstairs (did you HAVE to go and tell her not to give me free reign of the garbage baskets house? She's kept the kitchen far too clean for my liking - not dropping enough interesting stuff on the floor for me to munch on! But she was kind enough to wait to vacuum until I was out of the house at the dreaded groomers. Silly girl though, forgot to put out the recycling! I had to remind her it was garbage day yesterday, and so she got the burnables out in time.


  1. Dear Lucy,
    I am glad you are happy with Sarah. I knew Sarah would take good care of you.
    It is Daddy you will need watch. He can be a bit messy.
    See you soon.

  2. Dear Lucy,
    You don't need to worry about Sarah needing a protector from the evil doorbell-wringers. She's dealt with a lot worse, including a wayward bat in India! But it was lovely to get to know you a little - I can see why Sarah got so attached to you.
    Happy barking!
    C, a friendly stranger