Monday, 20 July 2009

Dog Days of Summer

The rainy season officially ended in Tokyo last week and now its just hot. Ugh. This Canuck is definitely a cold weather girl. Sigh. The other day a friend commented on how hot it was my reply was that I was looking forward to the fall. She laughed and told me summer had just started. To which I replied, "I know! THAT'S why I'm looking forward to the fall!!" She just laughed. Sigh.

I'm currently house sitting for a friend as her and her husband and daughter are in the US for their vacation. When she asked me to help out my friend started by telling me she had a dog (an adorable dachshund who is curled up asleep on my feet as I type), and then went on to try and sell the place - telling me about the huge TV, the quiet neighbourhood, the large spaces... She had me at "dog" as I was pretty excited to be able to have a four-legged friend around to keep me from getting lonely. But then my friend mentioned she had an oven - oooh! I was torn trying to decide which I was more excited about - the dog or the oven!

I've made pesto pizzas a couple of times, did baked macaroni and broccoli one night, and made a three-layer chocolate and green tea cake for a friend's birthday!

Lucy wasn't quite sure what to make of me for the first few days, but pretty soon she was curled at my feet while I was at the computer, or on my lap as I sat reading on the couch. She keeps trying to con me into feeding her extra meals (to no avail) but her big brown eyes have gotten a few treats out of me... I mean how can I resist these eyes??

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