Thursday, 2 July 2009

July 2

Twas the morn after Canada Day
And along the train route
The locals were rushing
In their usual commute.

No maple leafs had been hung
From flagpoles with care.
No people had gathered
For barbecue to share.

The beer cans were nestled
All snug in fridges,
Not strewn about the lawn
And under the hedges.

No parades had been seen.
No fireworks set.
No red shirts worn proudly.
No friends had been met.

The night before had been simple,
Plain vanilla flavoured.
No maple syrup to be found
On the food being savoured.

Awoken this morning
At the usual hour,
I couldn't help but mourn
My lack of national fervour.

And so somewhat belated,
Though nonetheless sincere,
I send out a message
To the whole blogosphere.

All the way from Japan
And just one day too late,
Happy Canada Day to all -
Hope you celebrate!


  1. Happy Canada Day to you Sarah - no red was worn at this house either but a picnic style supper is in preparation. I saw lots of cars today that substituted their hockey flags for the maple leaf! Best wishes to you. Sharon

  2. sound homesick!

  3. A few Canada day posts that made me smile...

    And yes, I am feeling kinda homesick!

  4. Love it! I hope you're not too homesick, I always got that way on days like that.

  5. Having not lived in Canada for 7 years now I don't get homesick very often, but for some reason this year Canada Day got to me. I guess it was a combination of not actually doing anything special to celebrate, unlike in previous years, and having a number of situations recently where I was reminded just how different Japan is from the country I grew up in...

  6. awww... home is where the heart is (or the bills come to). I wonder if I sent you maple cookies in the mail if they'd get there in one piece... xoxo Liz

  7. Sharon - a picnic! Sounds perfect! I should have taken my dinner out to the riverside park near my place and pretended I was waiting for the fireworks to start!

    Liz - The local spiffy grocery store/import store sells maple cookies, and I actually have an unopened box in my cupboard. I bought them for an event that ended up being cancelled though... must admit I'm not actually crazy about them myself. (but don't tell anybody, they might revoke my passport if that secret got out! ;)