Wednesday, 5 August 2009


A few weeks ago a friend and I ventured out to the fabric district, Nippori. We chatted a bit over coffee and then headed out for the purpose of our trip - my friend had volunteered to make me a curtain/noren for the doorway into the main room of my apartment. My friend's offer to make me one was the perfect solution to the problem of never finding quite the right thing in stores. We found a few different fabrics that we thought might work, but in the end we were able to agree on a beautiful green fabric similar to traditional fabrics from the Aizu region.

Within a few days of having bought the fabric (and the equally carefully chosen bamboo buttons) my friend had whipped this up for me...

I'm very happy with my new curtains, and the fact that it was made for me by a friend makes it even better - I love having crafty friends!

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