Friday, 7 August 2009


When I (re-)started knitting last winter it was because of a seemingly harmless Christmas present given by a friend. Since starting my habit she has continued to foster it - picking up yarn for me from exotic locations around the world (the Grand Canyon, Paris, London, Montreal...). This year for Christmas she followed my not so subtle hint and ordered me a lovely set of blocking wires. The deal was that I promised to make her something using them. I finally got around to doing so - and had great fun playing with some fun yarn in the process! (the red is a cotton/paper blend I've knitted with before and the multi-colour is a funky cotton/acrylic mix that is variegated and wrapped with thread for added colour and texture change)

I was even able to give the scarf to my friend in person - when we met up in Germany (yes, she does travel, doesn't she?!) after not having seen each other for four years. My whirlwind trip to Berlin was incredible, and I do intend to write it up at some point, but first here is my friend with her new scarf.

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  1. Thank you, friend!
    love and hugs, Cath