Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Knitting Paper

One of the things I've really been enjoying about knitting is making presents for friends, random gifts that aren't tied to a particular event or day, a just-because gift, to let the person know I appreciate them. Blogging about my knitting has also become a way of recognizing that person, giving me a chance to talk about what they mean to me. I really like that.

I've now made scarves for a number of people I work with, with one big exception. This particular woman was my first friend at the museum, she was the one who listened to my sob story when the English teaching company I had been working for went belly up (no, not Nova, this was nearly 3 years ago). She was the one who suggested and then arranged for me to work full-time at the museum for a few months. She has heart of gold and a kooky sense of humour.

The fact that I had yet to make her a scarf was due to the fact that another co-worker and I decided to pick out the yarn together, and the outing kept getting delayed. We finally managed to go yarn shopping and found a funky wool/rayon/paper mixture in gorgeous reds and orange-y reds. We looked at a lot of different yarn but this one struck us both as perfect. Finally, at long last, I am happy to report that someone very important to me has a Sarah original.

I wanted to make something simple and yet elegant, dressy and yet fun. Kinda like the recipient herself.

see how it even matches her watch?!

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