Saturday, 13 September 2008

Wild Animal KingdomTM

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another exciting episode of Wild Animal KingdomTM.

Tonight we're continuing our coverage of the exceedingly rare japonensis museo graduatestudentis canadensis. Since only one has ever been sighted, and the closely related japonensis museo graduatestudentis japonicus was thought to be equally rare, it was believed until recently that the canadensis was headed for extinction.

Last week we shared new research that suggests that it may be possible for the canadensis to cross-breed with the highly shy and secretive museo professionalis japonicus. Despite promising initial research, actual results have not been overwhelmingly positive, however, so tonight we turn our focus to exciting new groundbreaking research that has uncovered previously unknown small population groups of japonensis museo graduatestudentis japonicus at other universities in the Tokyo area.

Tonight's show follows canadensis as she and a friendly lone japonicus encounter one of the newly discovered flocks of japonicus. The pair venture out of their usual feeding grounds, traveling to a watering hole in Shibuya to meet the flock. Unfortunately there were difficulties with diet, our lone canadensis was not being able to eat most of the food prepared by the flock as it contained tomatoes. Despite these problems, however, the initial meeting appears to have been a resounding success.

As you watch the footage taken by our fearless team, be sure to notice how warmly the lonely two are welcomed by the larger flock. Watch their facial expressions turn to ones of excitement and joy as the two groups participate in a complex ritual known as SIRE (self-introductions and research explanations). Listen to their conversations and discussions of future interactions - called "study group meetings" to be held in the larger group's home lair with follow-up trips to new watering holes.

Without further ado, sit back and enjoy our special coverage of this exceptional animal...

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