Friday, 22 August 2008


As much as I may not want to believe it, and as difficult as I find it to believe, I know it is already late August. I know this because of the hot and muggy weather (ugh!) and because the Tokyo Metro system has unveiled the August addition to their manners campaign. Instead of encouraging people to stay home and enjoy their AC, the Metro is encouraging people to go out and enjoy the beach. They've traded their "Please do it at home." for "Please do it at the beach." The manner-less salary-man demonstrates his surfing moves as he attepts to jump onto the train as the doors are closing, with creepy-glasses-guy watching on in disapproval.

Surfing and beaches - very appropriate for the season. Halloween - not so appropriate.

Hold on... HALLOWEEN?! Wha the....?!

Yup. HALLOWEEN! On my way home today I stopped at the local Daiso - a chain of huge 100 yen shops. The area by the front door is seasonal and is currently full of plastic flowers in overwhelming variety. And, as I discovered to my shock and disbelief, Halloween decorations. I am not kidding, there were shelves of felt decorations, garlands, and random chachkas all sporting jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, witches, and monsters. I would have thought it was just a coincidence but there were also signs reading "Happy Halloween!" and all of the packages included the word "Halloween." I know that people complain holiday items go on display earlier and earlier every year, but Halloween in Augusut? Really??

This is not my local Daiso, nor is it my picture, but it gives you an idea of what I saw...

I walked home shaking my head in disbelief - and attempting to ignore the sudden desire to buy hordes of mini-chocolate bars...

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