Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tuesday Then and Now - Ochanomizu

More photos from the Nagasaki University's Metadatabase of Japanese Old Photographs...

Having spent three years at university in the area, I know the Ochanomizu area pretty well. Which is why I loved seeing an old picture of the area - one that I barely recognized! It took me a couple of tries to figure out where the photo was taken and when I went to take a similar picture I discovered I couldn't quite get it. But, here is Ochanomizu anyways!

The old photo, taken by A. Farsari:

Ochanomizu Bridge and Nikolai-do, both built in 1891, viewed from Juntendo Hospital. On the left (north) and right side of the artificial Kanda River are Yushima-dai and Suruga-dai, respectively. Ochanomizu Bridge was the first bridge constructed to provide access to the elevated land, which had been built for the protection of Edo. Even though the river was artificial, this area was renowned for its scenic beauty, and visitors enjoyed fireflies and Japanese cuckoos. Taken between 1892 and 1897.

Taken last month by yours truly:

From Ochanomizu bridge, with Juntendo Hospital behind me, looking towards Yushima-dai and Suruga-dai.

Just past Juntendo Hospital, looking towards Ochanomizu Bridge (hidden by the greenery).

Looking at Juntendo Hospital from the opposite side of the river.


  1. "Visitors enjoyed fireflies and Japanese cuckoos." Sigh ...

    1. Whaddja mean "sigh"?!? I was seranaded by cuckoo song when I was at Ochanomizu last week - or some sort of bird song anyways. They have it piped into the station... or is that not the same?

      PS - the last photo? No comment? Harrumph. Taken just for you, I had to wait a whole two minutes to get it juuuust right!