Wednesday, 22 May 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - A New Friend

A new friend arrived today. This gorgeous fellow has come a long way and was nervous and overwhelmed at being so far from his native South Africa.

But he wasn't lonely for long... the welcoming committee did what they do best and welcomed him warmly!

In fact one sweet little Japanese penguin was very friendly and sidled right up to the newcomer... A Japanese-South African romance in the making, perhaps?


  1. Ah, see, he's already been welcomed into his new colony! I told him he'd be safe and OK and enjoy the best food ever.

    I grinned when I saw the group picture: soft cuddly northern hemisphere critters, and one prickly wiry skinny southern hemisphere one.

    The penguin on the far left? It looks as if he's peering at the newcomer and wondering, "Where did THIS come from?" :D

    Another Japan-SA romance? We should start a club.

    1. Shall I tell you a secret about the penguin on the far left? The reason why he's peering at the newcomer with such interest? He may LOOK soft and cuddly, but that is just the outer covering. Inside he's wire and prickly bits!

      And he's the only one of the bunch who can dance. He wants to know if the new guy can dance!