Saturday, 25 May 2013

Knitting Bore

I realize I've been posting nothing but old photos and knitting, and I apologize, but I'm trying to use what writing abilities I have elsewhere currently and am finding myself tired and overwhelmed despite a lighter schedule at work. I know I'll get into the new groove soon, but until then it'll probably be just old photos and knitting...

Speaking of which...

I had two hanks of a beautiful dark green yarn that I decided to turn into a shawl for a coworker. I found a pattern I liked and got started. I hadn't gotten very far when the dreaded knitting self-doubt started up, however, and I decided it was too plain and ripped it out. I added a colourful boarder and started again - ripping out the border and redoing it a couple of times - before I realized I was not going to have enough yarn to finish the shawl as started. By this time I was so fed up with the yarn and the whole idea of the shawl that I quite violently ripped it all out again, muttering streams of unbloggable words...

So a new pattern was found, started, and deemed passible - just. But then I finished it and my overwhelming hatred of the yarn and the shawl was just too strong. I shoved it into my closet, with the intention of taking some pictures and then ripping it out to restart again once I had gained a bit of distance.

Nearly a year later I pulled it out and decided that while I still had issues with the shawl (piece of &#%*) and the yarn (*$%& $%#*!!), it was perfectly acceptable as a piece of knitting and I should just sew in the ends and wrap it up and give it away - quickly!

Thankfully I did just that and the recipient, more than a little surprised at the mini-shawl, declared it was the perfect thing to ward off the blast of cold air from the AC unit right above her desk.

I'm just glad it is gone!

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