Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tuesday Then and Now - Nikko Kanmangafuchi Jizo

More photos from the Nagasaki University's Metadatabase of Japanese Old Photographs... And more Nikko!


This year U and I both had work/study we needed to do over the holidays, but decided we wanted to get away for a few days. So we drove to Nikko on New Year's eve, rang in the new year at Nikko Toshogu, spent a few days relaxing at the lovely Turtle Inn Annex, and then drove to the onsen town of Nasu where we "hiked" (a 15 minute walk down a slippery snowy and icy path) for two nights at an onsen hotel that has been forgotten by time. It was the perfect relaxing vacation and we both got lots done - in between relaxing in hot outdoor baths surrounded by a foot of snow!

While in Nikko we went for a short walk from our hotel and went to see the Jizo statues in Kanmangafuchi. It was the perfect walk for a winter day, and the Jizo were bright and cheery in their red caps and colourful origami decorations.

Some say there are 70 Jizo statues here, some say 100, and some say that you never count the same number twice because the Jizo get up and move around... However many of them there are, however, I love how each one is unique.

While poking around on the Nagasaki University's Metadatabase of Japanese Old Photographs, I found a familiar scene...


  1. I've been here! (Says she, munching chocolate.) As a matter of fact, I have a photo of myself standing next to that fourth Jizo. I think. (He's quite big, isn't he?)

    PS: The most intriguing Jizo are the ones that are just piles of stones, with a red cap gently placed on top.

    1. "Foreigner beside Jizo"? Heh. There is at least one photo in the Nagasaki database titled "foreigner on mountain path." It's a guy (with a big beard?) but it always always always makes me think of you! ;)

      I'm partial to the ones with their faces covered in moss.