Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Then & Now - Oji Teahouses

More photos from the Nagasaki University's Metadatabase of Japanese Old Photographs... I missed the cherry blossoms by a few weeks, but the little park along the Shakuji River below Otonashibashi Bridge, behind Oji station, is a peaceful little oasis.

In the Meiji period the Shakuji River was a pristine river and Oji was marked with teahouses along the water and a shrine on the top of the hill. These days the shrine is still there, above a water treatment and containment area that controls the amount of water through a picturesque but very much man-made stream. No teahouses, but a few cheap izakaya and other restaurants.

by Felix Beato -

and April 2013 -


  1. The rivier is still beautiful, especially in cherry blossom season, but in this particular case I definitely prefer the older version!

    1. Wait till next week... I have more pictures of the river! The area is beautiful, they have done a great job with it, but I shudder to think what it looked like in between the two, and agree I prefer the older version!