Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sakura Watch 2013 - Day 15

The blossoms on this year's tree exploded over the weekend and what was a mass of pink buds turned into a mass of puffy pink flowers - very bedraggled wet flowers, that is! What with the mass of flowers weighing down the branches I couldn't even be certain I had the right branch... And my iPhone did not want to cooperate and focus so I had to use my camera, juggling that and my umbrella in the rain.

But, even wet and bedraggled as they are, The Blossoms are gorgeous. I'm hoping against hope that it will be somewhat nicer weather tomorrow so I can enjoy them a little bit longer...


  1. Aha. Now that I see the open blossoms ...

    Don't quote me, but I think this is a variety called fugenzō: very fluffy, with characteristic bronze-green leaves.

    I think they're much nicer than the popular Yoshino cherry.

    PS: Rain this entire week. :(

    1. Much prettier than the yoshino! Still gorgeous but I think the end is near...

  2. Lovely - and the rain droplets add a delicate touch... I love your cherry blossom pictures. Believe it or not, a month later than where you are, they're blooming here now. hugs, C

  3. We're you able to enjoy the cherry blossoms near you this year?