Tuesday, 30 April 2013


The kids are on their way home from school. I can hear the little boys run by, yelling insults at each other.

"baka!" says one.
"BAKA!" says another, louder.
"AHO!" chimes a third, upping the ante.
"aho baka!" says the first boy, trying hard to keep up.

"Amerika-jin baabaa!" yells the second boy and dashes off down a side street. The other two are silent. Apparently this insult can't be topped.

I briefly consider jumping out behind the curtain and giving them some lecture on culture awareness and multiculturalism and... but I can't help myself as I start to giggle.

I'll just chalk it up to yet another reason why I'm glad to be Canadian.


  1. I'm afraid I started laughing too. Or rather, snorting, in a true refined civilized African way. >:)

    Thanks for this chuckle. I needed it.

    1. Obviously the kids didn't know what they were talking about, they should have yelled "Minami-afurika-jin baabaa!" I know one who is pretty scary! ;)

      PS - I was going to post this to Facebook, but I thought you might enjoy it, so posted it here instead.