Sunday, 14 April 2013

Knitting at a Yarn Store

I've started attending a monthly Saturday evening SnB held at a yarn shop that, while I can hardly call my "local" yarn shop, has definitely become my favourite. Hitsujidama is a tiny little yarn shop tucked away in a corner of a building and a bit of a pain to get to by public transport, but it is full of lovely natural yarn, hand-knits, and wonderful people! The owner is an American woman (married to a Japanese man) and the B portion of the SnB runs from current events to Japanese in-laws to Japanese partners. Of course the alcohol helps, but it is the perfect way of ending the week!

I discovered last month just how a SnB at a yarn store can benefit the S portion too - I was nearly finished a scarf (and really wanting to be finished!), but I knew it needed... something. 

I mentioned this fact and immediately the store's owner handed me a ball of yarn (same weight, perfect complementary colour) and a book of edging patterns (and opened it to a page with the perfect edging). And then she handed me the perfect little doohickey that meant I could start the edging right away instead of waiting until I got home and could use needles with a longer cable. 

The scarf that had been dragging on and sapping me of my desire to knit?


Finished two days later, blocked, and given to its recipient - who is thrilled beyond belief. I'm thrilled to be done with it, and have moved on to a bright red lace shawl. I'm even more thrilled to have found a SnB that I love!


  1. OK, I'll bite. What is SnB? Swiss National Bank? Singapore Nursing Board? Services Nouveau Brunswick? Something tells me Google got it wrong ...

    PS: It is my considered opinion that a certain gray-green scarf is much nicer. You've achieved the impossible: you're making me miss winter.

    1. Tee hee! SnB = stitch 'n bitch ;)

      If I promise you some fluffy warm mittens will you bring winter back?? Pretty please?!

  2. Wow - nice scarf (neat edging and pattern)! And this place sounds wonderful! (Can you knit in a straight line when you're drunk? ;-)
    hugs, C

    1. A straight line? Yup! Can I count, however? Not on your life! That would be why the cables on this scarf are of various lengths... :D