Thursday, 15 March 2012

White Day

I took a few days off to try and make some headway on my never-ending to do list. So having to go to work this morning was a bit of a shock. I was still a bit dazed. As I left the main office with my time sheet, one of the office guys yelled my name and bounded down the stairs, landing in front of a very startled me. All I could do was stare as he asked me if I had been off the day before. I nodded, unsure as to what was going on, when he suddenly brandished a paper carry bag.

The office guys had gotten together to get me a White Day return gift. Sure I had given them homemade Valentines goodies, but I wasn't expecting anything in return. But return gift I got - cookies!


  1. I am such a cynical old fart, but I really don't like white day. Haha, I KNOW, RIGHT?! Any excuse for chocolate should be welcomed with a doormat and open arms, but I just can't shake the feeling that boys should man up on Valentines day. It's like, how did WHITE DAY make VDay seem less commercial? Thats the amazing factor right there.

  2. sarah - U and I did a non-Japanese Valentines - I made chocolatey goodies for breakfast and for desert, he took me out for dinner and bought me flowers. It was actually really nice. But then when he went and bought expensive return chocolates for the girls at work I started feeling all left out and like I should get a gift too. Huh?!

    I think either way White Day is going to fail. If you get something it is never as good as what you gave, and is just requirement anyways, but if you don't get anything you feel overlooked and forgotten despite the fact that you don't just want a giri-choco gift...

    And my local supermarket makes it all the worse, they don't even bother to take down the Valentines displays, just plaster a random *WHITE DAY* sign over the Valentines signs and leave all the leftover chocolates out for another month...