Monday, 26 March 2012

Tracking Sakura - Day One


  1. ..and so it begins!!!
    Apparently there is a park her already in FULL BLOOM do you believe it! I think it is all about position, full sun and protected from the local strong winds. The rest of the parks are pretty much like your photo, given a couple of sunny day and that will all change!

    Do you have a favourite place to go in Tokyo.
    Hamamatsu castle is beautiful here

  2. so close to Spring - and yet it was bloody freezing in Oita today. Fire worthy freezing. We have some Sakura out already so mentally I'm kind of there, in Spring, already. Come on now, I just need to the weather to be nice every day not one in five.

  3. Achan - I love the Sakura in the small park near work because I can enjoy them so easily, a lovely walk on my lunch hour. But my favourite place for sakura is a part of at small river in western Tokyo, that gets lit up one night every spring. It is unearthly and magical and just beautiful.

    GW - it was bloody cold here today too! I ran out at lunch without my coat thinking it had warmed up, and my little walk turned into a very brisk one! The flowers are really close though, and one line tree had three solitary blossoms, a few more days...