Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wedding Bells and Whistles

On Saturday night I went for dinner with the couple who's wedding I'll be officiating next month.

My friend had far too many glasses of the endless sparkling wine that accompanied our nice "European" meal (onion and bacon pie, smoked salmon, and prosciutto starters followed by bauna cauda, cheese fondue, and strawberries and creme brule-ish pudding bites) and fell asleep in my lap.

Before she did, however, she apologized for the way in which she had told me about my role in TE wedding. She explained she wanted me there because she expects to be a ball of nerves and knows she can count on me to both relax her and give her support. She said that I have made her laugh and given her the strength to carry on so many times before so she wanted me there. Then she gave me a hug and looked about to cry (though in hindsight the last two, at least, we're likely the bubbly talking!).

I explained I was a little worried about being an imposter priest and they reassured me that while they will be using the hotel "chapel" it won't have religious symbolism and readily agreed to me wearing a suit instead of a robe.

Then the sparkling wine took over and my friend fell asleep in my lap. And I discovered all over again just how good of a guy she has found herself. As poor students they are only just holding the party, two years after signing the paperwork. My friend didn't get a proposal or engagement ring.

But her husband is planning to do surprise her with both before the wedding. He's going to stop me as I start the ceremony, go done on one knee, and propose. Hopefully she'll say yes, and he'll give her the engagement ring he is having made to go with the wedding rings they picked out together. (it'll both fit her and be something she likes - very smart guy!)

The evening ended rather differently might have been hoped - my friend all but being carried into a taxi - but I took the train home with a big smile. I'm now both excited and honored (and NERVOUS!) to be a part of the ceremony. I care a lot about my friend and it is really good to see her happy and cared for.

But... The script they gave me for the ceremony was half a page, so I said I'd look for a reading to add in. My friend repeatedly suggested something light and amusing - maybe a joke / amusing tale with a moral or heartwarming ending? Or maybe a poem - something in English that I can then explain in Japanese. Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    If it's not too late, there's a great poem by Judith Viorst called 'True Love'.
    Good luck!
    hugs, Cath

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Cath! But I've found a Japanese poem I really like (which means I don't have to do my own translation of something into Japanese!)

    I found an English translation here but I like the original Japanese better!