Thursday, 17 February 2011


- lazy weekends with U
- hearing from an old friend out of the blue
- snow in Tokyo
- a new, and MUCH improved work schedule
- "leftover" green tea mousse Valentine chocolates
- passing level one of the JLPT - and doing so with a perfect score on the listening section!
- U getting the job he interviewed for last week!


  1. wohoo congrats to U for getting his job, I hope this means that you can see each other more often and finding an apartment will be easier.

    and congrats again to you for passing the test...and perfectly! (I can't even do that in my native lang!!)

  2. Achan - U will have to move out of his company dorm so we're going to start looking for a place together - we'll be seeing lots more of each other! (although he did warn me his hours will likely get longer and he may have to work Saturdays, so who knows how much we'll actually see each other!)

    And the listening section of the test was really easy, I was surprised by how easy it was... If only kanji were so easy!