Monday, 14 February 2011

Am I evil?

The woman behind me on the train this morning who's briefcase was digging into my calves, shoved me aside when we and half of the train got off to transfer. Every morning the scene from the three stooges is played out as half the train tries to get off at the same time and nobody goes anywhere until suddenly we pop out and all dash for our connections.

Anyways, briefcase lady shoves me from behind, which has the opposite to her desired effect as I end up getting shoved into somebody who isn't moving and get 'stuck.' She makes annoyed noises and shoves harder. I pop out of the train and am hurtled half way to the stairway u take to my next train. Briefcase lady clatters by at a sprint on her ridiculously high-heeled boots (completely useless in any type of winter weather). She dodges in front of me at the top of the staircase and her expensive black scarf is fluttering free on one side. The cuts in front of me and her scarf floats under the raised for of a still half-asleep salaryman on auto-commute. Feeling something underfoot he jerks awake and briefcase lady clatters on down the stairs oblivious to her scarf lyig at the top and being trampled by swarms of commuters.

Her shoulder is right infront of me. I could lean out and alert her to her lost scarf. I should do so. I normally do so. But not today. The almost bruises on my calves stop me and I take the stairs two at a time, my non-heeled shoes requiring less care. I reach the platform before her and out of the corner of my eye I see her cut off a handful of people as she cuts across the bottom of the stairs and dashes down the platform (no train in sight) still oblivious to her bare neck.

I half smirk to myself and wonder, am I evil?


  1. Nope, I'd say practically saintly for not doing an "accidental" backwards elbow into her ribs under the guise of adjusting your own bag!

  2. Nope, not evil, just allowing her behaviour to reap its own rewards. Natural consequenses, I'd say!

  3. Ditto above. I'm amazed you didn't strangle her with it.

  4. Evil according to whose standards? If the standard is most people, then, no, you're not evil. But if you felt a tinge of guilt (which seems apparent given your search for karmic balance), then it means you actually hold yourself to higher standards. By any objective account, though, you were definitely not evil, at least not compared to gaijinwife and umebossy! :-) peace, C