Friday, 4 February 2011


Despite the fact that the Ann's in my family were quite without e's, I loved Anne of Green Gables as I was growing up. I read the books with my mum, and then over and over again on my own. I loved the TV movie series - that is until they went all odd and had Anne gallivanting around war-torn Europe in search of Gilbert.

Most of the time I found Anne just a little too much - I tend to be a little bit more logical than her and her romantic imagination. But other times...

One scene from the second movie is running through my head right now:

Marilla Cuthbert: You set your heart too much on frivolous things and then crash down into despair when you don't get them.

Anne Shirley: I know. I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset... almost pays for the thud.

Marilla Cuthbert: Well, maybe it does. But I'd rather walk calmly along and do without flying AND thud.

I'm definitely with Anne on this one, I'm a flier. I'm pretty good at aiming high and have been luckily enough that there haven't been too many thuds. But I got one yesterday, a pretty darn big one. I was almost to that sunset, I got to the second of three rounds but in the end there were essentially four people competing for one single spot and I didn't make it.


I have a to-do list that is a mile long, so the short-term promises to keep me busy. As for the longer term, however, or the professional side... my contract at the museum is being renewed, and that is enough to at least cushion the thud. Now if I only had a plate of Marilla's famous plum puffs...


  1. Maybe not plum puffs but I hope U is on hand now to medicate with hugs and cocktails. x

  2. He's preparing for a job interview presentation next week, so isn't really able to administer, but I self-medicated by making pesto pizza (in my frypan) for dinner the other night... yummmmmmm!

  3. I couldn't send you plum puffs, but there's a pretty large box of chocolate on its way... :-)
    Meanwhile, pesto pizza sounds yummy. Take care of you!
    love and hugs,

  4. Well Sarah 'Anne' I'm glad to hear that the thud hasn't grounded you and that you're upflying again. Making the second round is a great achievement I think.

    Glad to hear that your contract has been renewed that means you're sticking around for some time :)
    Hope Y's interview went well

    I watched the whole Anne series when I was back home, the entire series was on TV over one weekend. Brought back so many fond memories.

  5. Achan - I'm trying to be positive about it all, while I've been getting a lot of hushed voiced comments of "I'm very sorry." Like I've lost a family member!

    Yup you're all stuck with me! ;) I'm really happy about my contract renewal as it wasn't just a straightforward renewal, but a request from one of the departments that I work for them more, and it now appears that there is a discussion going on where the various departments have to agree on how many days I work where... they're fighting over me! ;)

    Anne was on when I was home too - I only caught a bit of it, however. I think I'm going to have to dig out my DVDs sometime soon... Out of curiosity where did the story end in the movies you saw? I caught the end bit of what to me seemed like a "new" last episode... It was very odd.

  6. I will be honest I didn't see to the very end. i saw up to the point where Anne was running through Europe looking for some child that she promised to look after if the father died...somewhere during that she found Gil and he joined her in looking for he kid-all too far fetched for the Anne storyline I thought. Not sure how much longer it went after that though, I vaguely remember them going back to PEI and them teaching.

  7. That is pretty much what I remember, although I caught the last hour or so of a program that I think was related - a prequel and post-script kind of thing. There were scenes with Anne as a little girl where you see what her childhood was like and find out her father hadn't actually died but was a union organizer at a factory and ten had to be on the run. And Anne got caught up in it all and was abandoned by everybody after being used by both sides. Then it turn out that those were flashbacks, and she is an older woman with two grown daughters and is having her first play put on (Gilbert is apparently dead as she's sort of dating her agent). And then the French baby "comes home" to Avonlea for his wedding just as Anne discovers she has a half brother who shows up just in time for the wedding... Very very very odd and NOT ANNE AT ALL!

    Ahem... sorry about that...

  8. sounds like someone was trying to milk more $ from the Anne name