Wednesday, 23 February 2011

(not so) Wordless Wednesday - The Birds

When I was back in Canada my dad and I went for a walk one evening along the waterfront. There was a HUGE flock of birds out on the water. They took off suddenly and the sky was full of white. The flew around for a bit and then settled on a patch of grass by the path. We walked by them as we headed back to the car, and I took a few pictures.

My father continued on ahead, and then from the other side of the flock decided to give me something to take a picture of - he startled one of the birds and within a few seconds the birds were all alight - and flying straight at my head. I screamed and crouched down as hundreds of birds flew by (and bird crap rained down around me).

I managed to take just one photo...


  1. wow!! Birds always look gorgeous from a distance but up close no thanks. Did you feel like you were in Hitchcocks Birds movie? I don7t blame you for screeming (I had cold shivers as I read that story)

    Miss Sunshine was hit by a duck as it was taking to flight in Australia-scared me too

  2. Achan - I honestly had no time to think while it was happening, but started laughing hysterically once it was over. I got attacked (or rather the sandwich in my hand did) by a bird of prey in a park in Japan a couple of years ago and have been jumpy around birds ever since - shudder! How is Miss Sunshine around ducks now? Any lingering fear?