Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Happy Birthday

How I spent my Sunday - with 4500 other Tokyo Girl Scouts of all ages - celebrating the 60th anniversary of Girl Scouts in Tokyo.

(ps - Achan and anybody else who is interested, I snagged a bunch of Tokyo area badges as well as a few 60th anniversary badges. So, let me know if you're interested in a badge swap!)


  1. natsukashii!!! Well not quite guiding in Tokyo but the whole set up, flags etc etc.

    Did you have a good day?

    My mum has got some badges and some others are on order, I'll let you know when they arrive.

  2. Achan - it was a really good day. I love big Guiding events like that, and had great fun singing a lot of songs I haven't sung in a while (my troop isn't big on singing, but I love Guiding songs, and have now discovered I know a number of Japanese ones too!). I also ran into a few Guiding friends I haven't seen in a while, which was good too!

    That said, the day also had its drawbacks - not enough of the kids knew the words to the songs, the powerpoint presentation and all of the song lyrics put up on large screens were largely illegible, and various other minor issues.

    But in the end what mattered the most was that my girls enjoyed it. I think my favourite moment came on the way home - one girl got really excited when I mentioned to her that 10 years from now she could be a leader taking a troop to the 70th anniversary a decade from now. She got really excited - first figuring out how old she'd be, and then imagining just what type of event it would be!

  3. I'll send you a 100 year crest from CDA and the UK if you send me one from Japan! Liz

  4. You're on Liz! I'll send you a 60th anniversary and a Tokyo crest too. Oh, and I can always go to the 100 yen store and find some fun bits and pieces! ;)