Thursday, 29 April 2010

Things I love Thursday

A rather random list this week, but here goes...

- seeing people take the time and effort to do something for strangers, like the freight train driver who rang the train bell for the little boy waving from the overpass. It was a small thing, didn't take much effort by the driver but it thrilled the little boy to no end!

- my new hair cut - I decided last summer not to cut it and instead to keep growing it out so I could do a do for grad and my hakama wearing. That now behind me I went to my hairdresser on Monday. He's known for months that this day would be coming and was almost excited as I was to chop! I ended up getting new bangs too. I'm really happy with the result. Ask me again in a few weeks when the novelty of having to blow-dry a "style" and not wimp out with a pony-tail has worn off, I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune but for now I love feeling light and bouncy.

- classes - I'm sitting in on the grad class my prof is teaching this term as there is only one actual student. I love taking classes - learning and discussing - and not having any grades to worry about means its fun!

- ice hockey - Not that this is a new thing, I've loved hockey (or rather one particular player) since elementary school. But I've been getting a lot of hockey recently. Its playoff time in the NHL, and my Vancouver Canucks just made it into the second round. I've also gone to a couple of my university's games. They are one of the better teams in the top Tokyo league, but after a few disappointing years of third place finishes, have made it into the finals (TONIGHT!!) for the spring tournament. I'm doing my best to turn U into a hockey fan too, and he's been a good sport about heading out to the arena to watch games and shiver. I think his favourite part is still watching the Zamboni, but he's figuring out the game bit by bit.


  1. I want to see the haircut!

    I cut mine today for summer- it is always pretty short though but it is the shortest I have been in 18 months or more I think... I also got a fringe!

  2. Photo of Sarah with haircut please! That reminds me to make an appointment... Montreal is Hockeyland - there was a lot of praying going on last year, and lo and behold! The Habs are in! Go Zamboni go!
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. I will see about a photo... ;)

    but more importantly, the right boys won a very exciting game - tied at one when we arrived at the end of the first period, and still the same score when the 10 minute overtime ended. Meiji's third shooter finally scored, and then their goalie blanked the final Waseda shooter, ensuring a Meiji win! Yay!

    oh, and Lulu, my haircut is very similar to yours, but it looks so much cuter on you! ;)