Friday, 16 April 2010


I've got a whole bunch more knitting that has been waiting around for sunny weather to be photographed, and then to be given to the recipient, but mostly to be written up and posted...

Two years ago I made a shawl for a friend from school, giving it to her after the entrance ceremony as she started her phD and I my MA. I wasn't sure she liked it much when I gave it to her, but this past winter I did see her wearing it quite a bit, so maybe I was wrong. Either way, she had made it clear she wanted another knitted item from me - a lacy scarf. Last year for my birthday she gave me quite a bit of yarn - including 5 small balls of a hemp/cotton mix that immediately struck me as "her" colour. I dutifully took the hint but it took me forever to get the scarf done as I discovered soon after I started that I like hemp/cotton mixtures even less than I do regular cotton (ugh!) and that I MUCH prefer knitting with colour - beige-y grey-y blah does not a happy knitter make. Sigh. But I powered through and my friend, at least, was very happy with the result...


  1. Oh my god - clever clever. I wish I was more crafty, knittier, something at least!! I think it's really nice and kind of one would probably buy. Agree, grey is bit boring but will go with everything.

  2. It's beautiful, the pattern is really elegant but i can understand why knitting beige/neutral colours wouldn't be exciting.

    I love to cross stitch but gee I wish i could knit

  3. Thanks! Knitting really isn't as hard as it looks, and this pattern was easy. Honestly really easy!

  4. Any time you want a lesson, just let me know! ;)

  5. Pretty pretty. Pattern please? or did you make it up? Miss you!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!

  6. Wow - I agree with everyone about how beautifully elegant this pattern is. Maybe you can show me over Live Messenger how to do this one!
    How do you watch hockey and knit at the same time? Or do you?
    love, C

  7. Coletters - Are you on Ravelry? here's the Ravelry link: and if not, here's another link: (I think I made the scarf narrower than in the pattern, but I can't remember...)

    And... GO 'NUCKS!!

    C - yes, I do knit and hockey at the same time, although it is made possible mostly because I don't watch the games but listen to them instead (the whole working from 10-5 thing means I can't sit at home in the middle of the day and catch the hockey games live to watch). If I do watch a game, however, I just pick an easier knitting project that I don't need to look at all the time as I do it.