Monday, 1 December 2008

Its beginning to look like Christmas

The other day I stopped at the florist shop in the station and bought myself a poinsettia. It is sitting beside my computer and makes be very happy!

What makes me even happier is...

My dad told me to pick out some items for my new place for my Christmas present. I love making fruit and yoghurt smoothies, iced coffee drinks, and other blender drinks. Now I can do it at home! Yay!! (I'm just hoping that the fact that this is a Christmas present doesn't mean I have to wait until Christmas to start using it?!)

My basic fruit smoothie has always been frozen blueberries and frozen canned peaches with strawberry yoghurt. Blueberries (frozen or fresh) are crazy expensive in Japan, however, so I am going to have to branch out a bit. I've already got some kiwi I cut up and froze, so I'm looking forward to trying that with peaches. I know a friend who uses persimmons and ice and yoghurt but I'm not big on persimmons. Any suggestions?

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