Saturday, 20 December 2008

"Home" for the Holidays

I'm flying to Canada tomorrow. My suitcase is just about packed and I'm trying to overcome the feeling that I'm forgetting something drastically important. I'm also madly praying to whatever deities might be able to bless my trip. I don't have very good luck with the whole going back to Canada over the holidays thing. I really don't have good luck with the whole going back to Canada over the holidays thing! For example, last year my bags didn't make it to my destination with me either going or returning and a combination of a Christmas tree crash, delayed and soaking baggage, and general lack of sleep pretty much ruined the actual day of Christmas. Add to that the fact that I had a health issue and had to undergo a minor procedure only days before leaving Japan... Not the greatest holidays. The year before I got really sick almost as soon as I arrived in Canada, and spent most of my holidays asleep on the couch.

So you can see why I'm a little nervous this time, right?

My co-workers at the museum, upon hearing I was heading to Canada for the holidays, got very worried. Very worried. I mean, I could probably have told them I was planning to swim in shark-infested with a life jacket made of raw steak, or trekking across the Arctic wearing only my bathing suit, and they wouldn't have looked more worried.

I learnt my lesson last year. I refuse to have connections through the US if I can help it. This year I'm flying on only one airline, two flights I booked at the same time and that are on the same ticket. I have a direct flight to Vancouver, and nearly 8 hours to make my connecting flight (which is not even the last flight of the day). I haven't been able to reduce the stress and lack of sleep leading up to leaving that is the likely cause for my annual health crash, but I have been taking vitamins and my favourite "Chinese green pills."

Now I just have to hope that Snowmaggedon stays in the east...

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