Friday, 27 May 2011

Spring flowers

When I first started my blog I did so for friends and family back home. It was easier than sending out mass emails, as I had been doing for some time. While I know many of those friends and family (Hi Aunt Linda! Hi Sharon! Hi Ann! Hi Lorna! Hi Liz!) still read, at least occasionally, things have changed. Comments are mostly from fellow foreign women in Japan.

Discovering, and slowly beginning to join the online community of foreign wives in Japan has been somewhat of a surprise, but a good surprise in so many ways. I've virtually gotten to know an amazing group of women who are strong, intelligent, friendly, and super funny.

A number of months ago, when one of my bloggy friends was struggling with pregnancy stress, I watched as another blogger reached out virtually and physically across the kilometres that divided them, and sent a surprise care package that lifted the spirits of the mum-to-be.

Ever since then, in a combination of pay-it forward and karmic balancing, I've wanted to send that blogger a parcel. I don't (yet) have an oven, and she doesn't need me making her baked goods anyways, so I went with my usual, I knit her a scarf. I spent HOURS pouring over online patterns trying to find one that featured a certain type of tree. Plenty of oak leaves and maples too, but not what I was looking for. Then I remembered a post she wrote, about her garden finally showing the signs of spring. There was a picture of beautiful little white flowers... kinda like these ones:

With all the stresses of the earthquake and moving and everything else I often found it tough to gather the mental focus to knit lace, and the scarf didn't get to her for the chill spring days... But I hope she enjoys it just the same, a reminder that the flowers of friendship bloom all year round!


  1. Oops! So much for posting this tomorrow, when scarf is supposed to arrive! Durrrh!

  2. Haha oops! Couldn't you have quickly deleted it?

  3. Yeah... I tried, but it didn't work at first and I was blogging on my phone and worried I would loose it... Sigh... Besides, deleting it wouldn't have cleared it off of google reader or RSS feeds or whatever...

    Ah well...


    (oh, and Umebossy, you're next ;) )

  4. Hi back to you Sarah!
    luv Sharon

    I'm sure opening the letterbox to find an unexpected parcel would have been exciting but I must admit reading your post brought a tear to my eye. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, the neck warmer is really beautiful and your handiwork exquisite.

    Actually your timing couldn't have been better, this week has been cool, rain, rain and more rain and right now it is snuggling around my neck :) I can see it getting a bit of use over the next month.

    Mr Mischief has already laid claim to the Tim Tams!!


    and hello to all your family in Canada and the other foreign wives about the place :D

  6. Achan - making something for someone you've never met is tough, what colour? What style? But I figured I couldn't go too far wrong with natural-y colours/patterns. And besides, if you don't wear it I'm not there to see! ;) I am glad that you liked it though, and look forward to actually meeting you someday!

  7. Hi Sarah

    Not sure if this will get posted.
    But, I am giving it a try.
    Nice to get a mention on your blog.
    Cathy came over from Berlin for a day - that was fun.
    I love reading your news - love, Ann

  8. Wrote a post today titled some days and thought of you! I still read through google even if I don`t comment much.

    Love the scarf/neckwarmer- a-chan is a lucky lady!! And definitely well deserving!

    I started blogging for the same reasons as you, but like you, most of my readers are other foreigners in Japan and some Aussie bloggers too.

  9. I sometimes wonder where all this technology is leading us, but when I read this post, I was reminded that great things, like friendship, can be boosted, perhaps even initiated, by such technological innovations. What a beautiful scarf! I hope you'll get to meet your friend in the flesh one day. And HI to everyone I know reading this blog! (Hi Ann, it was great to see you, albeit for only a day. I promise I'll come back another spring/summer and tackle punting...)
    love and hugs, Cath

  10. Ann - came through no problem! Glad to know you're still reading. I was very jealous to hear of Cath's visit with you and hope it won't be too long before I can visit you myself!

    Lulu - I'm the same, I often don't comment though I read through Google Reader. Your comment spurred me to comment on your latest post though... will try to keep it up!