Thursday, 5 May 2011


Throughout the fall my father regaled me with stories of the weekend farmers markets he went to with my aunt. He'd tell me about the cheeses, about the apples, about the jams, and about the baking. Needless to say I was more than a little jealous. It was his derisatory recounting of the gourmet smores, however, that prompted me to action. I might not be able to whip up an apple pie or goat milk gouda cheese or buy a tart green granny smith, but smores I could do. I bought a bag of green tea marshmallows and a bar of green tea chocolate - and U and I made our very own gourmet smores. I sure couldn't have sold them for 7 bucks a pop, but they were yummy!


  1. Green tea marshmallows?!!!! Why have I never known that such a wondrous thing existed in this world? tea chocolate?!!!! I'm...I'm speechless.
    S'mores being a delicacy of the North American persuasion, I have yet to sample their delights, but your version sounds just perfect. Aren't you a clever clogs for thinking of it.

  2. Clare Maree - the marshmallows were pale green in colour but not as green tea-y in flavour as I had hoped. That said, I've seen strawberry and coffee and all sorts of other flavours of marshmallows... maybe I need to try making other flavours of smores too? ;) Whatever flavour you try, you really should try them, however! While they can be teeth-meltingly sweet, they sure are yummy!