Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Operation HB - Stage Three

We drove past an interesting (read packed to the rafters with random stuff) used furniture store a couple of times - always commenting that we should check it out. Then the day we did decide to stop, U spent so long circling the block to find a "better" entrance to the parking lot of the golf mega-store next door (with me repeatedly pointing out the single entrance) that they were closing up as we arrived (and I was more than a little grumpy). A quick look around proved that it was a unique place - but it carried mostly industrial sized cooking equipment.

U tried to make peace with me by suggesting that we have dinner out - and suggested the Chinese restaurant across the street.

I was a little nervous at first as the interior was very stark and severe, and the waiter was almost aggressive in his recommendation of the all-you-can-drink course menu. The large extended family beside us proved that wasn't the only menu option and the antics of their youngest members kept us entertained as it turned out service was slooooow. The first dish to finally arrive was mapo eggplant, which would have been fine except for the fact that eggplant doesn't always agree with my stomach and we had ordered mapo tofu. So, despite how hungry we were, we sent it back.

Next came the boiled dumplings - thick chewy skins, juicy and flavourful fillings - definitely two thumbs up!

Next up was U's favourite - chicken and cashew nuts. Unfortunately there was little flavour, and what flavour there was was oddly similar to the dumplings despite totally different ingredients.

Finally the mapo tofu came, and perhaps it was because they had been rushing due to the mixup over the order, but the dish was burnt. Hidden under the flavour of burnt oil and chilis was what seemed to be a nice dish, but we could barely choke it down.

Unfortunately one excellent dish could not make up for the cold atmosphere, poor service, and expensive prices. So, although we are willing to go back and pig out on dumplings, our search continues...

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  1. Sigh - well, at least you found good dumplings! I guess I shouldn't too so surprised that good Chinese is so hard to find in Japan - after all, I don't really know how to make any authentic Japanese dish! What is the staff like in these restaurants? Are the cooks Chinese? Or Japanese? Or some other? Hope you will find success soon! love and hugs, Cath