Monday, 25 April 2011


After what has seemed like endless weekends eaten up by moving (packing, moving, unpacking, furniture shopping, furniture deliveries, more unpacking...) we finally had a relaxing weekend. We got away for a night, ate delicious food, had some hilarious conversations, and he voted.


We went to his parents place for the weekend. U came home from work early on Saturday and after a late lunch we headed out there, arriving in time for dinner. A weekend at the inlaws may not seem the most relaxing of times, but we had good fun. It was nice being cooked for, we were taken out for a delicious lunch at a historical microbrewery, and we came home laden down with gifts (plates, glasses, le creuset baking dishes, bowls, and a SEWING MACHINE... wahooooo!)

I spent most of my time there laughing - U is sooooo much like his father in so many ways and it cracks me up to see especially when his mother and I commiserate over certain habits and the two men vehemently deny that either of them do that particular thing...

But now it's Monday again and, I'm beginning to run trough my mental lists of everything that needs to be done at work - it promises to be a busy week!


  1. Have you heard the saying 'You turn out like one parent and marry the other'? Not saying that youre getting married but if U is like his dad then you are like his mum!!

    Great score too, I'd love a le creuset pot but not sure if I can use it on the new stove! They're so easy to clean-we have a baking dish

  2. Huh... Well I'm definitely my father's daughter, But beyond having a whole lot of patience, I'm not sure U andy mum have much in common... I do see some similarities between U's mother and myself, but not overwhelmingly, no worries of a mother-con!

    The le creuset dishes are baking dishes, I think... to be honest I'm not fully sure. I saw the le creuset name and knew they were worth taking home (the champagne flute with purple butterflies... not so much! ;)

  3. A sewing machine! Yippee! I still have to get one when I'm back in Montreal later this summer, but maybe by then, you'll have surpassed my very finite sewing abilities... Sounds like you get along well with U's parents - another great thing. Good luck with the busy work week (and commutes)! And all my fingers are crossed for Tuesday!
    love and hugs, C