Friday, 29 April 2011


U ran some errands this afternoon and as I was waiting for him to come home with lunch I got a text message from him. He sent me this photo...

Its Colonel Sanders outside the local KFC - dressed in his traditional Boy's Day finery... with the addition of an eye patch(?!?) and a KFC "Ganbare Nihon" (a lets pull together and overcome the earthquake/tsunami damage) sign.


  1. Cool!
    Hubby said that he is dressed as a famous samurai from Sendai. The eye patch is because he didn'thave an eye and wore a patch. Apparently Watanabe Ken played him in an NHK drama some time ago. Then again you know all this because U has come home!!

  2. Had a comment all ready but then read achan's and found out eye patch isn't completely random like first thought. What did he have on for girl's day?

  3. Achan - Date Masamune - of course! So much for my supposed background in Japanese history!

    Gaijinwife - we moved to the neighbourhood in late March so I didn't catch the Girl's festival outfit. I will be sure to do so next year, however!

  4. What U didn't know????
    Glad to help out, and i don7t expect you to remember every thing in Japanese history!! Actually hubby first noticed the headwear, it is typical of Tohoku, hen he noticed the eye patch. BTW he doesn't read your blog he was just close by when I said "look at this"!!

  5. Achan - He did, actually. I asked him about it and his response was "of course its Date, who did you thin it was?!" Sigh.

    What amused me the most, however, was he then said "I thought you'd like it, and you could post it on your blog!" I laughed and told him I already had ;)

  6. Priceless! Why are your posts making me hungry? love and hugs, C