Monday, 18 April 2011

Keeping afloat

Work has been busy and stressful and settling into the new place has taken longer than I had expected. With the added stress of the aftershocks that just keep coming (nowhere near as bad as it must be up north, I realize, but still I find myself constantly seasick, wondering if that was another aftershock or if its just in my head...) Add in a few pro-bono translations that I keep forgetting about until I'm falling asleep at night, and it has all left me feeling like I'm only just managing to keep my head above water.

Our last furniture delivery arrived yesterday, however, and although we still have a few piles of boxes left to be sorted, things are just about all put away. Our new place is finally feeling like home and I love it. (and yes, pics are on their way!)

My new commute was, as expected, a welcome change in many ways. Fewer transfers and the chance to sit most of the way. I was very optimistic about all I was going to accomplish... I was going to zoom through knitting projects!! Read a whole library of school-related books! Catch up on all the magazines I have stacked up as yet unread! I was going to be Productive with a capital P!!! The first morning I got on the train for my new commute I was practically humming with all the productive energy flowing through my veins!! Then I got on the train, settled into my seat (we're at the first stop on the line) and fell sound asleep.

As I discovered that very first morning, my body was not amused about suddenly being awoken an hour earlier than normal. The simple solution would be to go to bed an hour earlier, of course, but seeing as I get home an hour later than I used to...

So the morning nap remains. Ah well.

After an initial slightly rocky start, U and I have settled into a routine. In the morning I get up and head to the shower, turning on the washing machine if needed. By the time I'm out and dressed U has staggered downstairs, made coffee, and passed out in front of the TV. I'll make & eat breakfast, do my make up, and as I'm heading out the door he'll finally fully wake up. When I get home the morning's laundry is drying on the rack and the breakfast dishes are washed. (and the days when his pjs are in a pile by the sofa and the disposable contact cases are sitting on a wad of damp kleenex on the coffee table are slowly decreasing). I make dinner, put away yesterday's laundry, and hope he comes home before I fall asleep.

Given the stereotype Japanese guy who doesn't do anything round the house I am super thrilled with the fact that so far it really has been an even sharing of things. Perhaps that'll change in a few weeks or months, who knows. I make sure to make an effort to thank him for what he does, and he has been very keen on his praise over my home cooked dinners.

Sickening, I'm sure! Give us a few months and there'll likely be piles of dirty dishes in the sink, dust elephants roaming the halls, and not a clean piece of laundry to be found! ;)


  1. You had me giggling from beginng to end. It's a bit like the honeymoon phase isn't it, both parties doing their best! I hope it continues forever : )

  2. Haha just don't make the mistake I did and iron his stuff too, then when you inevitably stop doing it at some point down the line he'll start to get miffed that he has to go back to wrinkly t-shirts... (although to be fair I only started doing it because I wasn't working full time)

    Glad to hear it's going well overall!

  3. Achan - after the initial stresses, the honeymoon has definately settled in. I'm enjoying it while it lasts - as I'm sure he'll get fed up with my nagging soon enough!

    Umebossy - ironing his t-shirts? Yeah, not going to happen! I've got a pile of my ironing that hasn't been touched in months! But I did buy a tall-ish ironing board, hoping for someotivation... I think I'm safe tho, because U doesn't notice when his clothes desperately do need ironing - and when I mention it he tells me it doesn't matter because he (and his coworkers) don't notice those types of things... and he wears a lab coat anyways. Either way he wears a suit so infrequently that he sends his shirts to the cleaners.

  4. What a lovely update. With all the heavy news about Japan (I can only imagine aftershocks cause worry now more than before), it's wonderful to have this window on new domestic bliss.
    U is definitely my kind of guy! I don't iron anything either, and thankfully L also doesn't care about such things. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to have ironed placemats, but it never occurs to me to take out one of the three irons we have and actually do it!
    I read an article once about how getting your partner to do things you want them to do is like training a dolphin. Rewards are the key. Praise is good. Nagging generally doesn't work - no one likes to be nagged. I'm sure that if you know what kind of relationship you want (regarding, say, equity on household chores) and act accordingly, U will see the picture if he doesn't already and I trust he will be a good partner on that front too. Of course, there will always be times when dust elephants and dirty dishes and laundry fill the apartment. That's called Life!
    One thing about your crazy work schedules, though: when do you actually have time to spend together (other than sleeping)?!
    love and hugs, C

  5. C - our schedules are exactly the reason why I insist on waiting and eating a late dinner with him and why I am so happy he gets up with me in the morning. Gives us a bit of time together. It also means I've been avoiding GS on Sundays...