Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Picture-less Wednesday

I went for lunch to a nearby Korean restaurant with a few coworkers today. Two of U's helped ourselves to a stick of the ubiquitous pink-wrapped stick of gum by the register. The same gum that is found in pretty much every Korean restaurant I've ever been to in Japan. My coworker popped his piece in his mouth right away. I put it in my pocket with my wallet and didn't remember about it until we were almost back to the museum.

I unwrapped the gum and asked my co-worker "does this gum normally have green breath freshened specks?" He sound surprised and confused, and replied in the negative.

My gum was full of mold. Not furry white mold on the surface from sitting somewhere damp but green dots of mold growing from within.

You learn something new everyday. I never knew gum could go moldy like that. I'm rather disappointed didn't think to take a picture until long after I had thrown it out. And my coworker? He gave himself a stomach ache worrying whether his gum had been moldy or not too... (a self-inflicted psychosis I had absolutely no part in creating... absolutely none... heh heh!)


  1. Glad you asked before you ate! i would have presumed it was a colour change due to storage like chocolate does!

    For my 16th birthday my coworkers gave me a HUGE block of Toblerone. I shared it around and when i went to take a peice there were maggots in it :( My friends were in shock. Those little white flecks were meant to be ??? nuts!! I have never eaten Toblerone since

  2. Achan - I didn't remember green spots, and I was pretty sure they weren't normal... and they didn't really look like normal colour change...!!

    Maggots in Toblerone?! Ugggggh! Eeeeeewwww!

  3. Gosh - I don't think I can ever eat Toblerone again, after that comment!

    I guess the only mold that's good is cheese mold...

    love and hugs, C