Wednesday, 16 March 2011


It is bizarre how some things are completely normal, some facets of life are continuing without any appearance of disruptance, and others are still a complete mess. Electrical shortages and rolling blackouts mean that the trains aren't running or are running fewer trains. The museum is closed this week and we have been told to stay home - working from home if we can.

I have been torn between the Japanese coverage of the Fukushima nuclear plant and international coverage. My father has asked me to leave Tokyo and go to my host family in Kagoshima or, even better, head to Canada for a visit. But with our move in the process (yes, we were able to sign our rental agreement and pick up our keys last weekend!) I just don't feel like I can leave right now. So for the time being U has decided to also work from home and we are heading to Kanagawa prefecture. The new place isn't fully set up yet, but at least we are together and I feel much better with U (and his CAR) close at hand.

And yes, I promise photos soon!


  1. It's so great to read that you're safe. I know what you mean about it feeling bizarre about things being quite normal to a degree, we felt the same during the floods here, though of course it was nothing like what has happened over there.

    All the best for the move too!

  2. Dearest Sarah, I am so worried, like your dad. Maybe U and his whole family can take a vacation in Vancouver with you for a couple of weeks?
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. It was a lovely day today! Got out for lunch with some friends and Shibuya was as packed as ever, albeit with a distinct lack of furriners... was amusing. Have you seen the air monitoring site for Tokyo? Been checking it since Tuesday and it's been really reassuring that we're all good at the moment.

    Yeah it was a bit raised the other day but I read that the level at the moment is still something like a third of that in Rome at the moment. Stay vigilant but don't panic, that's been my motto the last week!

  4. Melanie - it is odd, isn't it? I feel almost guilty when I do something and forget about it all for a little while...

    Umebossy - THANK YOU for your comment. So exactly what I needed to hear. You are really good at that. I was musing about that this evening to U and remarked to him that that is how I know you're going to be an awesome mom!!