Thursday, 22 July 2010


When I was in India one of the Canadian girls I lived/worked with had a problem with ants. The Centre's Indian staff decided that what was needed was a puja, a Hindu ritual. The puja was sure to rid the room of ants. The only trouble was that the puja involved leaving an offering in the room for a certain amount of time, an offering of part of a coconut and sugar.

The ants in India could find their way into a sealed plastic container. In the staff room the sugar for our tea was kept in a metal container in the freezer. A pile of sugar on the floor in the middle of the room? The ants found it in no time. And they called their friends, and their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends. The room was crawling with more ants than it ever had been.

Judicious use of anti-ant spray and much clean-up later, the room was ant free. It even stayed that way for a significant amount of time - meaning that the Indian staff INSISTED on the efficacy of the puja. Afterall the puja had been performed and now there were no ants, right?

Well I'm wishing I could have them perform a puja in my room. Not an anti-ant puja, mind you, but an anti-roach one. Just about every time I go to the toilet I find an itty bitty roach baby scuttling about (fairly easy to squish and flush but still I'd rather not have to do so every time I need to pee!) and I'm finding the odd bigger (but still not all that big really) one elsewhere - running across the kitchen wall, or scuttling into the shoe rack, or escaping into the folds of the curtain.

Roaches where a problem before I moved in, but besides the odd one last summer, they haven't been a problem since. But this year it seems they've decided to invade. I've laid traps and roach killer all over, and have spray at the ready, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. Definately time for some divine intervention. I just need to dig out my diyaa and find a fresh coconut...


  1. go on do it invite all the neighbours cockies too, have a big party and then everyone will love you (more!)

  2. Eep I wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom! Hope you manage to get rid of them soon.

  3. Achan - Part of my problem may just be that my neighbour's cockroaches ARE coming to my apartment. The guy a couple of rooms over move out a while back and his room was incredibly filthy. It got a FULL cleaning that likely included anything alive as well. The roachs may have decided to relocate until the cleanin fumes die down...

    Umebossy - it does give a trip to the toilet a little bit of... um... excitement!

  4. What a prolific guy George was! I checked up some home remedies online: the most popular seem to be the following: bay leaves will keep them away; boric acid will kill them. Good luck! love, Cath