Friday, 9 July 2010

Omiai and omimai.

Two very similar-sounding words with VERY different meanings.

Omiai means a set-up or arranged meeting (as in arranged marriage). Omimai is going to visit a sick person. I know the difference but, much to the amusement of friends and coworkers, my tongue seems to always want to say the wrong one!


  1. Know the feeling all to well. My biggest mistake ever was to a young very handsome guy at church. I couldn't remember his name so I did some word association which is a common way for me to remember this. His name is Sadaka san. I called him Hadaka san!! Not a moment I will ever forget. Nor him I bet!!

  2. Achan - thats a PERFECT mistake and a wonderful Freudian slip! My favourite Japanese mistake was when I yelled at my rambunctious class of little kids to "SAWARE" instead of "SUWARE!" I figure I was lucky it was a class of little girls and not teenage boys, eh?!