Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cooling addiction

My name is Sarah and I am an addict.

It all started last year with one simple purchase at the discount grocery store. It was an impulse purchase - it was hot and muggy out and I was equally hot and sweaty. I would have bought a popsicle if the store had a frozen section but they didn't, so instead I bought a package of freeze-yourself freezies. I couldn't wait until they were fully frozen to try one, and they rest disappeared a few at a time over the next few days - one or two to cool down each time I came home. I tried to cut back, but I found myself addicted to the frozen coloured sugar and unable to stop until the weather cooled down.

This summer I decided I wanted to do something about my addiction, and not just give in to the temptation. But a cool frozen snack is so perfect after having arrived home that I just didn't have the heart to go cold turkey... or rather hot turkey!

After reading la Fuji Mama's post last fall about her yogurt pops, I tried a few variations of my own but was not quite satisfied with the result. Then I read Bakerella's post about the King of Pops and thought.. hey! That sounds DELICIOUS!

I made my first batch with canned mangoes with a bit of my home-made yogurt. They disappeared quickly. Batch two was blueberries with kiwi and while I love the tart/sweet combo I admit it would have been better with more blueberries and less kiwi. My latest batch was peach and tart plum - sweet and a little tart, but lighter than the others. I'm already planning blueberries with raspberries next time, and I want to try the blueberry/kiwi again to improve it... U has requested (VERY STRONGLY) that I make the mango for him next time he's down... And I'd love to figure out someway of using oranges/grapefruit/citrus as frozen mikan are a great summer treat!

Any ideas?


  1. They sound very tempting but I need a MUCH BIGGER FREEZER!!

    This months addition of NHK Kyonoryouri has fruit ice treats. I saw them make pineapple and yohgurt pops on the TV and she was going to do something with oranges next (I think) check the mag out in the bookstore for an idea!

    We freeze fruit in icecube trays and top it with gingerale/oj etc. That's what you do when you need the room!! Maybe I should do the same with yoghurt ones :) 3lg punnets of blueberries in the fridge waiting to be used!!

  2. Wow - can I have some of the mango one too? Orange-pineapple or orange-peach would be yummy, I would think. How about some pictures? That would help me deal with the hot and humid forecast expected for tomorrow in Montreal...
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. Thanks for the idea Sarah, last night I made blueberry, banana and yoghurt iceblocks. My daughter was in seventh heaven this morning when I pulled them out of the freezer for morning tea. She couldn't believe that her mummy can also make iceblocks!!!

  4. Cath - the mango is super easy - can of mango (with the light syrup tossed in because the yogurt is unsweetened) and home-made yogurt. Tossed in the blender and poured into popsicle mold. Super yummy. And no photos because they are too yummy to let melt while I try to take a one-handed photo!

    Achan - glad to be of service! Sounds like you scored mega cool-mom points with your daughter! Yay!!! Super-talented cool mummy letting her daughter have yummy treats for snack!