Sunday, 13 December 2009


U is an intelligent guy. He has a PhD in the sciences and works as a researcher. He's also a really fast learner. He picks things up FAST.

He's watched me knit and complimented me on my ability to make pretty things out of wool. Since I've been making a lot of scarves for female friends I think he had the impression that knitted goods were "girly." So when I let it slip that I was making him a scarf and he caught a glimpse of the suitably "manly" cabled scarf - well he got rather excited.

We were talking one evening and it became obvious to me that he had never actually worn a scarf before. Having spent part of the winter for the past decade in Northern BC, the idea of somebody who does not own warm winter gear just does not compute! Scarves, mitts, and toques are all necessities of life in cold climates. I teased U about the rude shock he'd have when he visited Canada with me and he calmly says "I don't have gloves either..." He trails off into a meaningful silence but when I didn't reply immediately he continues "and it'd be nice to have a matching set!"

Yup, he's a fast learner! Luckily I'm not too slow myself, as I whipped up a pair of mitts with a pattern I've done once before, but altered them to include the cable pattern from his scarf...


  1. Wow, these look beautiful! And U is one smart cookie! Cabling looks very difficult. I'm thinking of taking some knitting or sewing courses this year, the latter depends on whether I break down and get a sewing machine... Hello from Basel! Hope you're feeling better. love and hugs, C

  2. Thanks C! Cabling really isn't that difficult at all once you get the hang of it, and it looks good with the right wool.