Friday, 29 May 2009

Friendship = Mittens

I have a good friend who lives in the frozen wastelands of Canada Winnipeg. We first met in much warmer climates - when we were both volunteering at the Girl Guide Centre in India. We've been through a lot together, and she was the recipient of my very first knitted project last year.

Apparently, although she was very happy with my early attempts, the hat was just a liiiiitle too small and kept popping off her hugely enormous head. So she began bugging me for another toque to keep her ears warm in the Winnipeg year-round winter.

It took me a while before I asked her about style choices, and she responded that anything was fine as long as it had a pompom.. oh, and could I make a matching scarf? It then took me a while again before I asked her about colour choices. Again she responded by saying that anything was fine, but could I also make matching mittens?

Mittens?! urp... ummm... I've never done mittens... eek, a thumb?!

I figured, however, that it was a good challenge and I owed her at least an attempt and cast on. The mittens turned out to be much easier than I had thought. (perhaps choosing a pattern entitled "easy basic mittens" was a good choice!)

By the time I was done with the whole three-piece set I had managed to use up most of the black yarn I had mistakenly bought for a project that didn't work, and some other random left overs, which really quite pleased me as my stash is threatening to challenge the museum catalogues and other books for supremacy over my storage space.

So here it is, basic black with pompoms!

the set

the toque

the scarf

the mittens (no pompoms here...)

and the recipient!


  1. Your lucky friend to have you to knit for her like that. I don't envy the climate she's living in however...

  2. I figure she puts up with a lot as my friend, so the least I can do is send her handknits! And she puts up with even more given those winters!! Although, I must say that as much as I'm not crazy over cold winters, its starting to get muggy here in Tokyo and I'd happily trade the Tokyo summer for a cold winter, even a Winnipeg cold winter!