Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Scaves Free to Good Homes

I've been bitten by the knitting bug in a big way, see?

I went to a yarn store and...

Umm... yeah...

I have been productive, I've completed three projects... knitted scarves just in time for spring!


This was my first knitting project in 15 years. I ran out of yarn so bought some in a contrasting colour and improvised a crocheted border. Having a whole bunch of yarn left over, I decided to make a matching toque!

I think it looks much better on the recipient

Isn't she beeeeee-utiful?!


This was made from yarn I bought at the dollar store! (I later found the exact same yarn for sale at the yarn store in bigger and more expensive balls)

It made its way to Montreal, but was apparently rather homesick for the warmer climates of Japan...

At last report, however, the scarf and toque had been promised a trip to see the Grand Canyon and were settling in well.



A few years ago I bought a scarf that I absolutely love. Recently, however, I've been getting annoyed by its length. I unravelled a couple dozen rows and and redid the fringe. It is now the perfect length and I used the left over yarn to make myself a matching toque!

Um, so taking pictures of yourself in the mirror is harder than it seems!

I have three projects currently on needles - a cable scarf, a semi-lace scarf, and a beautiful self-striping Noro scarf. No photos yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients (who may or may not be reading this). The first two have challenged me to go beyond basic knitting just a little, and I am enjoying the challenge, but I think I will stay with scarves for a little while yet. After all, I am sure there are more of you who would provide a good home for a hand-knit scarf, right?

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  1. WOW! They're really good! It must be so satisfying to make something with one's own hands that is so pretty! n