Thursday, 21 February 2013


Thursday, already? Where did the weekend go? Oh, right, a translation contract that is close to do e but not quite close enough and... Gahhhhhh!

Right, so happy thoughts, things I'm loving this Thursday...
- assembling full dinners out of random bits in the fridge (and impressing U with said ability)
- planning birthday surprises (and not so surprises)
- the hesitant happiness of a brand-new relationship (a coworker! not me!)
- white radish and chicken meatball chowder (filling and satisfying on a cold day)
- chocolate raspberry kakigori

What are you loving today?


  1. 1) Being back in Japan.
    2) Being back in Japan.
    3) Being back in Japan.

    But damnit it's cold!

    1. Yay, yay, and yay!

      and, that is why you should have cold food! The kakigori place is toasty warm and they give you a handwarmer thing to stay warm when you leave! Perfect!

  2. That kakigori looks amazing!
    I just had a random dinner of leftover awesomeness, it makes me very happy not to need to cook anything...

    1. The kakigori was amazing! The ice first had milk (only faintly sweet at all), then chocolate syrup (just regular store bought stuff), and then the homemade raspberry sauce. Oh, and raspberry sauce in the middle for good measure... yuuum! The menu changes regularly, with whatever fruit or ingredients are seasonal. Really really good.

      Leftover dinners are yummy!