Wednesday, 14 November 2012

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday - A Tale of Two Waters

A while ago I realized that the tap water (and the coffee) at work were upsetting my stomach. And the water (and coffee, and soup, and... and...) at restaurants in the nearby area had the same effect. So I stopped drinking the water and grudgingly began buying bottled water.

A couple of coworkers have told me they find the water at work has a funny smell or taste, but nobody else seems physically adverse to it. The area is, however, known to be a water source in the event of a disaster, so it is likely being held and stored somewhere, hence the funny taste/smell and likely my troubles.

Then, late this summer I was forced to realize that the tap water at home (and coffee, soup, and just about everything I cook!!!) was not agreeing with me. Not to the same extent as the water at work, but still it could not be ignored. After trying various options (the Brita filter had no effect, endless cases of bottled water were a pain to purchase, the local grocery store's water was no good...) we ended up with a water service.

A week trial proved the water past the Sarah stomach test so we signed up. We rent the base and purchase (free delivery) 12 litre bottles of clean and filtred water. The best part is that the water comes out either chilled or hot (85-90 C) and with the sudden dip in temperatures U and I have been enjoying endless cups of tea and herbal tea.

I'm still not happy I can't just drink the tap water, but am very relieved to have it all be water under the bridge!


  1. Where do I sign up for an umeshu service with free delivery?

    I wish you tummy happiness! ^^

  2. Umeshu delivery?!? Oooooooh! Metoometoometoometoo!!!

  3. Hmm, that is odd. I do notice that water from different places does different things to my digestive system. Glad you found a solution! Cath

    1. Well you'll just have to come and check our new water out do yourself, eh?!