Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Baby Knitting

More knitting!

Early this year there seemed to be a baby boom around me, coworkers, friends, friends of friends... So I turned to my knitting needles made up a couple of sets of booties/mitts/hat. They were super fast since they were small - and amused me to no end as U endlessly said "those are tiny! Are you sure you shouldn't make a bigger one? Is the baby actually THAT small?"


The blue set went to a coworker who's wife gave birth to a little boy, and who was going to be receiving a whole batch of hand-me-downs from a relative with a baby girl. My coworker joked about his son being dressed endlessly in pink, and I decided I to do what I could to offset that...

And the green set went to the friend of a friend, a fellow blogger who had her second child earlier this year and who, while I've never met, is somebody I've followed virtually for a while now and who I wanted to reach out to.

Sets like these may not be used by a parent nearly as much nor as long as a blanket, but they are fun to knit and oh so adorable...! I may just have to pull out the yarn and make another one just in case another friend announces she is pregnant...


  1. I'm not and won't ever be pregnant, but if I buy a teddy bear, would you ...


    Very, very cute.

  2. Sure, if you want teddy bear clothes, I can do teddy bear clothes, but I also have a pattern for elephant dishcloths... Or a scarf to warm a southern neck not used to chilly northern winters!

    1. Thus it came to pass that a green&grey scarf was born in a small restaurant in Ebisu ...

    2. Oh, but now I've found out a friend of a friend has opened a yarn shop in western Tokyo and indeed an excuse to go check it out... ;P

  3. Pattern? Beautiful set!

    1. Both projects are in my Ravelry list, so you could jump from there, or
      here's the link to the pattern. The only change I made was to swap the white and colour, as I liked having the colour be the main (and I had less white yarn!).

      Do you have more friends needing baby knitting? Good luck!