Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Rice

The turkey (two drumsticks and a kilo plus-sized breast) with gravy, stove-top stuffing, roast onions and potatoes, carrots, broccoli with almonds, and mashed maple sweet potatoes went over well yesterday evening. The chocolate mocha yule log was pronounced delicious (and not overly sweet!). The breakfast bubbly and orange juice and breadmaker version of cinnamon buns were devoured (the whole loaf disappeared in minutes and we contemplated making a second loaf). The lunch cheese (cranberry stilton, soft goat cheese, and cheap Japanese knock-off camembert) and pate-ish substitute disappeared too.

So food-wise Christmas in Japan was a huge success... right up until half-way through Christmas dinner when U gave me what he somehow thinks is the ultimate compliment a meal can be given - "This dinner needs some rice."

Luckily for him my fork was loaded with turkey with gravy and cranberry so he didn't find it embedded in any soft parts. But after two days of being up til 3 am preparing and nearly two straight days of cooking (with some help from the two men) funny how I didn't see the suggestion of rice as a compliment. I suppose it has to do with all the strong flavours and wanting to savour them properly, but seriously, white rice with Christmas turkey?

There are plenty of leftovers, and even some bones, so we'll have plenty of chances for left overs, maybe one night I'll do a turkey stir-fry to serve with rice?


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! From our Island to yours, happy Boxing Day!

  2. LOL - Yip, I thought that by this year Granny K would have learnt that the mention of rice doesn't bode well over Christmas dinner. I purposefully made sure our rice cooker was empty - so that when Marina wanted rice I said nope, its the one dinner a year I refuse to hand out rice - Granny K offered to get some out of her rice cooker. Knocked that on the butt though. For the first time hub didn't mention rice but did mention that wouldn't a huge ham like the one we had last time in NZ be nice.

    Grrrr. A simple thankyou darling, this is beautiful would have sufficed. Your spread sounds fabulous and I think just good fortune that your fork was otherwise being used at time of said 'insult'.

    Hope you have a lovely New Year break.