Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Suddenly November is ending and December is almost here. The year-end parties start next week and my dad will be arriving in Japan not long after! This fall has gone by far too quickly, even though the fact that it was warmer longer than usual.

Reason 1, of course is the translation I finally finished it off and sent the last bits from Haneda Airport as I waited to check in to my flight to Belgium. (thanks to the free wifi and computer charge stations!)

Reason 2 was having a week of vacation in the middle of November. It was an amazing trip (and I will write about it, promise!) but I came back and had to be right back at things with a full week of work followed by Girl Scouts and a busy social schedule. Then I had a few very busy days of looking after two British guests for my advisor, and then work has gotten... not exactly busy but definitely exhausting.

And suddenly it is nearly December and Christmas needs to be thought about...! But things are going well. I finally have time to relax and have a social life, I'm loving the project I'm currently doing at work, my dad will be coming for a long visit soon as U and I will be hosting Christmas at our place for the first time, and... and I have finally decided what I want to do next. I still need to actually get there so I'm not quite ready to spill the beans, but everybody I've talked to about it has been super supportive and I'm really excited.

So there we go. Hopefully this all means I get my blogging mojo back.

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  1. Busy!! Trip in between all that sounds wonderful.hoping you have a great festive season and time with your Dad. Good luck with the 'next step'.