Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Somedays are Tuesdays

Somedays (like today!) I don't have to work and neither does U and we can jump in the car and head out. But most days he works and isn't home until 9 or 10 pm.

Somedays I end up taking the train with a coworker. Somedays that means a fun chat with a really funny coworker I am close to or interesting conversations with my boss. Most days, however it means I have to dodge the coworker who will not be named (a year later and we're still ignoring each other - yay!).

Somedays I enjoy my commute but most days I have to stand most of the way home or have a biiiiig sweaty guy sleep on my shoulder or the person who makes everybody on the train silently pray "don'tsitnexttomedon'tsitnexttomedon'tsitnexttome!!" will sit next to me (where is the gaijin buffer when you want it?!)

Somedays I don't mind the heat and humidity but most days I find myself exhausted and headachy by the end of the day.

Somedays I am completely at a loss over what to make for dinner but most days I have ideas or recipes I want to try and coworkers and friends with lots of ideas to help.

Somedays I feel very self-conscious about my lack of "fashion" but most days I shake my head over the horrid suit/shirt/tie combinations of the average Japanese salaryman (narrow black and white striped slacks with a black and white check shirt?? My eyes started watering and I couldn't see straight after just a glance!)

Somedays I feel bored and frustrated with where I am and where I am going but most days I am able to step back and enjoy what I do and daydream about what is to come.


  1. I love it when my hubby and I have off days together too!! It doesn't even need to be a day out.. just a day relaxing at home together is fine by me heehee.. what are you working as btw?

  2. Ok that's annoying! Bug maybe? Typed my comment in the mobile-version comment box but when it event through to the verification page it was gone, grr!

    My comment was just that it's funny how I miss the gaijin buffer as having a baby seems to override it! Usually some old lady who wants to try and touch her face...

  3. Oh yes, Japanese fashion at times is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

    Hope you and U enjoyed your day together!

  4. Ai Sakura - we had a couple of days off to relax at home and do not much of anything - it was great!! I work at a small museum in Tokyo. I do translation and editing as well as helping with event prep, data entry, look after documents, give tours of the gallery space... One day I'll be translating photocopies of 150 year old hotel bills from French to Japanese, and the next day I'll be editing scanned text, and the next I'll be editing out new English website. I love it... most of the time!

    Umebossy - you aren't the first to say that so I turned off the mobile version. Hope that works better! The gaijin buffer seems to disappearing in general, but it never seems to help in situations where you wish it would, eh?! Sigh.

    Lulu - the shirt and tie combinations are the worst! U and I had a good relaxing couple of days at home and now we're off for a road trip in the wilds of western Japan. It is so nice to actually have time together as he only gets Sundays off normally (although I enjoy my Mondays on my own too!).

  5. I really dislike business fashion, Japanese guys look like slobs in their suits! The can7t do their ties up properly and wear the wrong colour shoes and sock (along with the wrong shirts!). In my humble non fashion sense opinion!! (Though I have found myself wishing I was 3 dress sizes smaller as I've found some lovely clothes I'd like to buy!!)