Thursday, 21 July 2011


- cool rainy days
- mid-week dinner out (for our 2nd anniversary)
- fabric shopping
- car trips
- cooking with fresh homegrown ingredients
- mandarin orange popsicles (I have a suspicion I've mentioned these before... mmm!)


  1. Congratulations on the two years!!

    I made a YUM pop today with orange juice, a dash of honey and some yuzu cha (jam, really) whizzed up with a hand blender.

  2. happy anniversary!

    Have you tried Shirokuma iceblock? I love them. Creamy with chunks of orange, pineapple and azuki mmmmm

  3. Vicky - those sound yummy! I'm guessing they were a bit tart and not too sweet? Sounds very regressing!!

    Achan - I used some more of your lovely veggies for a second dish for U the other night - spicy eggplant and shishito stirfry as a side for the tofu and cashew nuts (I'm successfully reducing the amount of meat the boy eats as he would happily have it in large amounts every night!)

  4. and...

    Achan - While I love fruit in general I have a violent dislike of pineapple so I'll stay clear of the shirokumas I think... All the more for you!