Saturday, 16 July 2011

Heat exhaustion

This morning I went into the work kitchen to have my morning coffee, hoping that the caffeine would wake me up and allow me to spend the day editing the translations that have been putting me to sleep at my desk the past few days. One of my coworkers was boiling the pot of water that he'd put into a thermos for us to use throughout the day (the usual electric pot has been replaced by the less energy-consuming thermos for the summer). Or I should say he was TRYING to boil the pot of water… he was having a little trouble with the cords... Couldn't seem to sort them out as he kept confusing himself with the two ends (one going to the pot, the other going to the electric outlet). It was rather comical and I couldn't help but giggle.

The poor man turned to me with an overly-exaggerated pained expression on his face and said "I don't think my brain likes the heat!" We both laughed and he continued. "I just can't seem to think straight these days. takes so much more mental effort and I just don't have it in me…"

I know how he feels.

The heat (and lack of over-airconditioned spaces due to electricity shortages) has sapped me mentally and physically. Not only do I not feel like doing anything, but concentrating on anything for more than a few seconds seems to take a huge amount of effort. I'm hoping that at least a part of it is just that I am tired – we had visitors staying with us for a week and between working and having late nights out with them I haven't been sleeping much. But I have a three day weekend starting tomorrow and U and I are planning a mini-getaway. Hopefully that will recharge my batteries a bit and I'll be better able to battle the Tokyo summer.

In the meantime ice packs slipped into my folded hankerchief and self-medication with mandarin orange popsicles will have to suffice…


  1. I know how you feel and you really can't tell in some places here that they're even saving energy :(

    I find the biggest problem with turning the aircon up that there seems to be no airflow, that makes me dizzy-probably from the lack of oxygen and then I get worse. Here's hoping your break perks you up!!

  2. Poor guy! I did find the heat rather exhausting, even for doing touristy things, not to mention for working - we'll have to pick a better season to visit next time. But we had great fun - thanks again! Hope you guys enjoy a relaxing (and cooling) break this weekend!
    love and hugs,

  3. somedays the heat is just unbearable. Fortunately I can usually save the most of my translations till it's cooler in the evenings and the kids are in bed.

  4. Achan - U and I noticed the lack of actual energy saving when we were out your way. The city streets were so bright at night with all the store signs on!

    GW - the AC in the office at work has yet to be turned on - and my superiors seem fine with it... I'm not doing so well, as I find my brain had melted by the end of the day, especially as the late afternoon sun pours in through the window by my computer! Unfortunately working in the evening really isn't an option...